Voici une série de notes prise durant une retraite de méditation Vippassana à Suan Mockk, Surat Thani, Thailande.

*   Le texte est dans sa forme brut.  Aucune édition n'a été faite par rapport aux notes originales de la méditation de 10 jours.

Le texte est majoritairement en anglais.


This is a series of notes takken during a Vippassana retreat in Suan Mockk, Surat Thani, Thailand.

*   The text is in its raw form.  No edition have been made to the original notes takken at the 10 day meditation retreat. 

Also, parts of the text is in french.

Suan Mockk, mars 2020

Jour 3

Poême lu par Kunn Tai… lui demander.. ou le trouver.

-Happiness- la chanson

Happiness is here and now

I have drawn all my worries

Nothing to do, nowhere to go

No longer in a hurry

Anapannasati song

Breating in, breating out

Breating in, breating out

I am blooming like a flower

I am fresh as the dew

I am solid as a mountain

I am ferm as the earth

I am free, I am free

Breating in, breating out

I am water reflecting, what is right, what is true

And I feel theire’s space deep inside of me

I am free I am free I am free.

Jour 4

Exposé par le moine Indien,

il explique comment les Brammans de Mongoli ont effacé de l'inde toute traces de Pali et du Bouddha. Jusqu’aux Anglais, qui entendent parler d’un ancien livre; Indica, India, (?) Et le mot Hindou qui voudrait dire «noirs» et autres mots négatifs. 84000 discours du Bouddha perdus en Indes. Rendus au Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodge

. ----

Pendent Origination Causal effect: Duccka Catch it at the sensory contact to prevent the Pendent Origination to start spinning.

If contact, the cause are not enclenchés.

Sati fast enought to prevent the arising of craving, of Duccka at contact. Sati at contact. Wise at contact no ignorant feeling no ignorant craving

Pendant Origination: Triple gem : Buddha Dhamma Shanga Les 3 refuges En se penchant (bow) représente un shalow meaning Ca ne veut rien dire s’il n’y a pas de pratique.

Practice : truly get Essence of the triple gem :




By practice, we devellop the quality of the Buddha.

By praticing Anapanasati correctly : Shila : vertu, right intention Samadhi : concentration Pana : wisdom * fondamental principal in Buddha.

Coolness : meaning of Nibbana 1- short coolness (temporary) 2- coincidentaly - preventing defilments; anger, fear, selfishness

Nibbana : highest benefit of Ananpanasati;    Nothing to do with death

Paninibbana : death of an enlighted being

Nibbana : Hot coal cooling down soup cooling down wild elephant trained

Physical nibbana : person is confortable, cool life, roof, job, family. Highest meaning : Coolness of the mind; No attatchment, no defilments 

By praticing Anapanasati, you’ll know your last breath.

« Stay with the cool calm Nature, Let go of negativity, Reset the mind » Thai Chi teacher constant message

Anapanasati : we practice it to get a life free of Ducca.


Pendant of Origination is the map, to know ourselves and show us how to end Duccka Anapanasati is walking , is the way to do what need to be done —

Love 1- Not knowing why, naturally, instinct (ordinary) reproduction,

solve special problem Under the power of Love

2- The mindfull one, that we learn true mindfullness, Love beyond Love, is free Love

+ - Back and forth is Duccka

Solving problem with violence bring more Duccka, solve with no violence

5 Condas: Body, feelings, perceptions, mental co-efficient, consciousness.

Ways to understand ourselves, to understand that life is non self

This is how we remove Duccka

More Condas are fit, the most strong for survival

Concept of self bring selfishness, arm us and others, unless delt wisely (on ordinary level) : self training

On Dhamma Level all self is Duccka.

Life is development, life is improvment The fittest survive.. We need to train or violence come. *Developpe Cool*

** Nonself because of impermanence, constant change

Breating system; Power, Chi, Prana Always come back to it

Cannot see the true Nature because of Self and Ego

Geccko : « Duccka! » Smart Geccko : « Let go!»

We need contrary to understand

Health vs Sickness   

Ducca vs Love

Buddhism is not a Philosophy because Buddha did not stand with hypothese.

We need to understand Ducca so we can deal with it.

Result of craving 1- sensual pleasures 2- to become something someone 3- resisting to negativity (dualities)

Our Duty : Need to LET GO of the cause : pain : healing pain               

Comes from the wrong view, wrong understanding

Our Duty is to make it happen

* 4 noble truths : Right view / effort / Harmony Mindfulness / concentration / all in one

4 first steps + 13th : like tool for/to find it - the Middle way : not too tight, not too loose like holding a bird , riding a bike

strenght with gentleness to work with the mind

3 ponds : 1- Annicca; impermanence 2- Ducca; and way out of Ducca; bridge : 8 fold noble path 16 pillons, 16 steps. 3- Annatta, no me no mine

How we getting treated is their Karma How we react is our Karma

Our life is limited, but the craving is not

Duccka : - Get what we don’t want - Don’t get what we want - Seperate from love ones + 5 Kundas, like a hand, don’t cling (hold on to), open it.

- How can you loose something you never had?

Story of murderer and Mom of killed man. The mom came visit and went live with her after prison. She went visit him in prison. She was his only visitor. In court, she had said : « I will kill you » She ment I will kill the anger, the violence in you. She had her revenge.

No one is born in perfect condition

Buddha : to know ourselves

Poem  « Why was I born » , Buddhadhassa

We are all product of our conditionning

How can I forgive… such bad things… It’s not about whos Bad or wrong or right, it’s about ending suffering.

Bikku : 2 meanings?

The ignorant mind will say : I’ll be happy if…, if…, if…

« Dama Sawati »

Past : association with feelings Clinging to the past bring pain to present moment.

Day 5

Anapana breating exercices : To warm up : breath in 7 sec., hold, tight body, release

To cool down : soupirs, soupirs, soupirsss., yawns, yawning.

Day 6

Craving : desire under the power of ignorance or stupid desire (Danha)

If craving, Bava, an existence is created (in some form or another), the existence of that craving while we crave it

Trought the power of craving, in a day, someone can go trought a bunch of existences… Imagine in a year… In a life…

All different existences nurtured by cravings Danha : Also wondering all over the place, liking this, liking that + Dyes the mind with what we go for.

3 types Wanting

to get

to be

to not be is to exist in a certain way, also even wanting to be dead is in one of those category

even the plants, the animals, the angels - the gods (more refine), have Danha

Kun Suton On last pm of interview : « Alcool, sex, drug, cigarette, make sure you don’t create addiction, very dangerous. If you don’t have addiction and do it in moderation, it’s ok », et ouvrant les bras en geste de salut, « You can enjoy life, life is great! »

Danha, Gamma : Sexual desire most basic, to attractive things, delicious Bava : want to be this, want to be that

Danha : Always blind, ignorant desire, stupidity, incorrectness


Another form of Danha        Stupid hope, wise hope?

Danha : To desire, to want under the power of ignorance and folishness

Duccasamutaya – second Noble truth

Why do we have to die? Because we are born

Each inhale, we are foot path in sand, waves, drop of rain

*So may us be loving waves ,gentle drops,    caring foot prints in the sand

First crime in the Bible; murder of the younger brother  by the older brother, in the name of love… We do anything evil in the name of love

Looking at human, looking at conditioning; here is 5 elements concocted

If you understand Ducca enought, you are done with suffocating, enought suffering

Day 7

What is life for? Survival in 5 aspect -Mental survival, with technology came material wealth we lost so much of mindfulness, wisdom Technology : use with mindfullness, wisdom

Daddu : Elements

Mind need to rest Nibanna is coolness, the ultimate safety, not conditioning

                  Everywhere : primal mindfull

Gentleness is the antidote of craving.

Ducca Mirotta, to stop all concoction at the source

fading away of what dyes the mindfull

Looking for the quenching of Ducca in the Ducca. « Dipping the salt in the salt » « Use the torn to take away the torn »

Attack the Ducca from behind

«  There’s no person behind this natural flow of life. »

Very suttle breathing can save your life. If bleeding, going into deep meditation to almost stopping the hearth will stop the bleeding.

- Walking meditation : walking without the walker

To attack the Ducca from behind

Not to hit shit with the short stick, take the long stick.

We put out the fire with the fire.

Thank you Ducca to have made us smarter, to have created Buddha.

Welcome Duccka properly when it comes… to quench it.

The only place to find Nibbana is in the middle of Ducca. (Coconut tree in Suan Mock)

Relaxation with awarness : Open finger in the breath in, close finger in the breath out. Index-thumb

Différentes meditations à pratiquer pour que ca ne devienne pas pareil tout le temps.

Thinking meditation; 1min, 5min, 10- 1h

Méditer sur l’espace, pas sur les objets/sujets, voir l'espace "vide"

Voir/entendre le silence sous les sons

Tenir un objet dans une main lors d’entrevus importantes; des fois, la respiration, c’est trop.

Jour 8 Dependent Origination,

originally painted in the sand by the Buddha

The present moment is all you got, all else is concoction or conditioning

May us leave Suan Mock as pellerin.

Ask Khun Tai about the poem from Buddhadhassa she red on the last chanting session, just before the last meditation of the body throught the Universe, back to the body.

One advice : don’t read books of people who got ego still. Find pure source

Traduction, interpretation… for what reason, ask yourself.

She don’t read much.

We are the only specie with the concept of time (psychology)

No matter how we gain in maturity, we are never fullfilled.

« To be wise in time »

« Nothing is worth clinging to » résumé de l’enseignement du Buddha en une phrase

Self : Concept of the mind, it « knows » bad or good. Be beyond good and bad

Pendent origination Explication des différents éléments toujours sur les feuilles. Schema numéroté avec explications

Jour 8

– movie night « Just let go into your freedom »

Last 3 phrases of Kun Tai teacher at 95, just before she died; «  I see the Buddha, I see the Dhamma, I see the Sangha » Her student celebrated

Single Coconut Pond, signification

Poem about death in movie

Jour 10

Home practice brings:

Instant Piti and Sukka



Dhamma plus practical kowledge of Anapanasati Understand the law of nature, … Pendent Origination, Impermanence

Essential with all this technology

« More things that satisfies our desires » So more and more things in our minds

So more and more attatchments « We don’t know what to want »

Desires have no limits

With Dhamma, we can control our wants; look at ourselves … desire of wisdom -wise want -

foolish want; no end

Know how things are really are; naturally; in nature It’s the highest understanding

?University learning?

cHow to act regarding them Speak, act, think

Dhamma : Duty : that witch must be done, it must be known

Dhamma, wich quench Ducca

Best translation Highest meaning

Meaning of God:   Creator,   Preservor,   Destroyer

Noble 8fold path -Mental developmets, + all other factors -Right view point trust All confident ( 8 conditions) together -Right desire -Correct activity -Correct livelyhood -Correct mindfullness -Correct Samadhi

Need to act correctly or defilments comes

Kun Supol «  Once you reach step 16, you stay there, and even go deeper into the deep calm relaxing peace, deeper and deeper, without attaching. » Steps are for begginers

- Kun Tai told me that the 4 first step are the only « necessary ones » The other ones unfolds by themselves

— Gratitude, Pay it foward, importsant vertu in Buddhist

By open hearth, things are really are

In the west, we take lots for granted…remembering

There’s a course; impossibility of enlightment if no gratitude

Practice; wise friends Discipline Unselfishness

Wise use of phone

Stay in Sati

Buddhadassa : « The hearth of the Buddhism is in the first page of the Bible; « No good or bad »

Books recommended by Kun Tai - The first 10 years of Suan Mock - Hard wood of the bo tree

Rely on yourself the scripture says

Refuge on Buddha, Dhamma, Sanga

It’s from/for ourself

All Buddha honnor Duty; the supreme thing

Khun Supol « Understand the true nature, the cool, calm nature» of the mind » « Keep training and the mind will … »

Last night –sharing

Ram Das?

« We are Nature » Chandra understood that


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